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Dan Bongino is Married to Wife: Paula Andrea Bongino. Kids: Isabel and Amelia.

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Image of Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino

Dan Bongino is a 47-year old retired NYPD officer turned radio personality. He’d even work with the Secret Service, a security agency committed to protecting the POTUS and his family.

Dan’s spouse is a businesswoman named Paula Andrea Bongino. Her most profitable business venture involved website design and risk assessment.

The latter attracted significant investment as it appealed to the 1% class who felt the need for security.

Paula’s work in the industry has helped her amass an impressive net worth by any standard.

Who is Paula Andrea Bongino?

Image of Paula Andrea Bongino with her husband, Dan Bongino
Paula Andrea Bongino with her husband, Dan Bongino

Paula Andrea Bongino is a woman who owes her fame to her relationship with right-wing political analyst Dan Bongino.

Alongside her husband, Paula has managed to launch three successful ventures. The first is a company that peddles martial arts equipment like training gear, pads, and bags.

Additionally, she and her husband run a high-end American security service that caters to the elite.

The two are the perfect match, with Dan’s experience in the security sector and Paula’s knack for business.

Lastly, Paula and her husband also invested in the app Parler. However, the digital platform is set to falter after numerous partners like Google and Amazon cut ties with them.

Their downfall came about after the riot in the capital. Trump supporters flooded the platform with aggressive and violent messages.

Interestingly, Paula’s husband proclaimed that the two of them would go bankrupt before they gave up on the company.

Switching to her educational background, we learned that she was once enrolled at Baruch College.

The institution is easily one of the top schools in the state.

Paula Andrea Bongino’s Age and Birthday

Paula Andrea was born on the 2nd of August 1975 in Cali, Columbia. She is set to turn 46 in a couple of days.

Before 2014, Paula was Columbian as far as her nationality was concerned.

After that, Dan Bongino’s wife informed everyone that she had become a naturalized American citizen on Twitter.

Paula Andrea Bongino’s relationship with Dan Bongino

Image of Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino
Dan Bongino with his wife, Paula Andrea Bongino

Mutual friends set up Paula and Dan. Consequently, they organized a blind date at one of NYC’s finest restaurants, Sullivans. However, before the two could go on another date, tragedy struck the nation as 911 happened.

At the time, Paula was employed at a Security Firm located close to the World Trade Centre that terrorists targeted. Overwrought with concern, Dan tried to contact Paula to make sure that she was safe. It took the whole day for him to reach her finally, and to his relief, she was fine.

Their relationship would gradually blossom, and the two even returned to Sullivans after some time. The restaurant had a special place in their hearts. Despite considerable cultural differences, Dan and Paula established a strong relationship. Before he took a job with the UN, Dan decided to ask Paula to marry him. Unsurprisingly, he chose Sullivans as the venue for the proposal.

In an interview, Paula talked about how she could sense that something was up as soon as Dan picked her up from the train station. There was a notable change in demeanor, hinting that he might have been up to something.

They walked down the aisle on the 30th of August 2003. In their 18-year marriage, Paula and Dan have had two children.

Paula Andrea Bongino’s Kids

Image of Dan and Paula Andrea Bongino with their kids
Dan and Paula Andrea Bongino with their kids

Paula’s first child, Isabel, was born on the 15th of January 2004, which makes her 18-years old presently. It took seven more years before their next child was born.

Amelia was born on the 20th of January 2012. She is 10-years old as we speak.

Paula Andrea Bongino’s Net worth and Income

Most of Paula Bongino’s money comes from the businesses she helps her husband manage.

Though she isn’t exactly keen on talking about her income, sources say that Bongino’s companies generate about $100,000 every year.

As of 2021, Paula Bongino’s net worth is currently under review.

A few sources claim that she has around $1 million in the bank. This pales compared to her husband, whose bank account is eight times as large.

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