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Is Damson Idris Married to Wife. Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids

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Image of Damson Idris

Damson Idris is an actor who is a mixed-race of British and Nigerian. On the 5th of July 2017, he was debuted as a cast of the crime drama entitled Snowfall.

Furthermore, he also starred in a sci-fi movie, the title Outside the Wire. It is a Netflix original that started streaming in 2021.

His birthdate was identified to be on the 2nd of September year 1991. His hometown, Peckham, South-East London, is also the same place where he was born

The actor used to aspire to be a professional football player. Being the youngest, he witnessed how his older sibling went on their professional careers.

He attended Brunel University London to study drama. The artist is a diligent student, thus receiving an honor in the studies of Theatre, Film & Television.        Despite his busy career, is there news about Damson Idris’ wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information, which includes his dating status, past relationships, and kids in this Wikipedia-type article.

Damson Idris’ Dating Status

Image of Damson Idris
Damson Idris is a British-Nigerian actor. He currently stars in John Singleton’s crime drama Snowfall

Because of his looks and talent, the love life of the young actor is frequently looked up online. According to reports, Idris is not married to a wife or dating a girlfriend in 2022.

As an emerging artist of today’s generation, he is focused on the growth of his career above all. Many girls are flocking to be one of his dating interests.

Furthermore, fans are patiently waiting for Damson Idris’ wife to be announced publicly. However, they want him to take his time because marriage is a life-long commitment.

Damson Idris’ Past Relationships

An actor with good looks, physique, and talent, a lot of girls from the industry also desires to be linked with him. Some of the girls linked to the actor were Saweetie, DreamDoll, and Montana Brown.

In 2021, Damson was linked to Saweetie after an Instagram story of Idris in his house. The duo is playing the piano during the story, resulting in laughter.

The issues arose when the rapper reposted it on her Instagram account. Not long after, Saweetie posted a picture of herself with a man without revealing his face.

Most of the viewers of the story speculated that it was Damson. However, the young actor stood on his ground that they were just friends.

Months after in the same year, Damson was also caught sitting beside the rapper named DreamDoll. The photograph was one of the after-parties of the Oscar awards.

The two were quick to debunk the rumors by being passive-aggressive. Idris said he wouldn’t post beside a woman anymore because it could be headlined the next day as Damson Idris’ wife.

Dreamdoll, on the other hand, rejected the rumor as well. She stated that she will nod heads when greeting guys because she is always rumored to have a relationship with them.

In July 2020, Montana Brown was linked to the young actor. They were seen together at Cannes.

Both artists did not disclose anything about the rumors online. However, it quickly died when Brown posted a couple of pictures online, not Idris.

Damson Idris’ Kids

Being a considerably young actor, Idris does not have any kids listed to his name yet. He disclosed that he wants one but not sooner or later.

Moreover, Damson Idris’ wife must be understanding enough to bear with the busy schedule of the artist once they already have a kid. Although the actor said that he would surely make time for his family once it is established.

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