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D.L. Hughley’s Wife: Ladonna Hughley. Kids: Ryan, Kyle, Tyler.

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Image of D.L. Hughley with his wife, Ladonna Hughley

D.L. Hughley is a 59-year-old American actor and stand-up comedian nominated five times for the Image Award. He is also known as the executive producer of his T.V. Series, The D.L. Hughley Show.

This fantastic person cannot achieve these incredible credentials without someone that inspires him, and of course, that is his wife, Ladonna Hughley. If you want more information about the couple? Read this Wikipedia-type article.

D.L. Hughley’s Marriage

Image of D.L. Hughley with his wife, Ladonna Hughley
D.L. Hughley with his wife, Ladonna Hughley

The couple has been married since 1986, almost three decades. In those years of being together, the couple has experienced some trouble maintaining their bond.

The two exchanged their vows in a low-profile wedding on February 22, 1986.

About Ladonna Hughley

Image of Ladonna Hughley with her husband, D.L. Hughley
Ladonna Hughley with her husband, D.L. Hughley

Ladonna Hughley is someone you would probably choose as your wife. Why? It is because she is the one who stood beside D.L. Hughley through thick and thin, ups and downs.

It was her who motivated D.L. to do good things in his life.

Ladonna was born on May 2, 1962, in the USA; she is now 59. Her ethnicity is African-American, but her nationality is American.

Ladonna’s parents, siblings, and educational background are not yet known.

Ever since her teenage years, Ladonna grew interested in the acting field. She appeared first in a reality T.V. show called Black Love, and she also appeared in Colored My Mind.

Her popularity increased as she married D.L. Hughley.

D.L. Hughley and Ladonna Hughley’s Children

 Image of D.L. Hughley with his wife, Ladonna Hughley, ang their children
D.L. Hughley with his wife, Ladonna Hughley, and their children

After being married for many years, Ladonna and D.L. have three beautiful children. Their firstborn child was born in 1986, with two daughters and one son, a daughter named Ryan Hughley.

The next child was born in 1988, a son, and called him Kyle Hughley. Their last child, Tyler Hughley, was born in 1991.

Ryan Hughley was married last September 2019 to Alejandro Shepard. In addition, Kyle Hughley was born with autism; specifically, he is dealing with Asperger Syndrome and has difficulty communicating with people.

Rumors and Controversies about the Couple

D.L. Hughley admitted that he has not all been faithful and loyal to his wife; he took all the blame for the damage it caused.

One of his affairs resulted unexpectedly, and Ladonna Hughley moved forward and took responsibility for her husband’s issues.

After being married for 35 years, there will come a time when they must face each other.

Despite all the issues they have faced as celebrities, it is impressive how they have handled and can stand up again in public.

Ladonna Hughley’s Net Worth

Ladonna Hughley’s net worth is not yet known; however, since she is the wife of D.L. Hughley, we can consider that his net worth is also Ladonna’s net worth.

D.L. Hughley is a very successful actor and producer, and his talents won many people’s hearts.

He has earned considerable money working in the entertainment industry within these years.

His estimated net worth is already $10 Million, and his salary as an actor is from $19K up to $210K. Moreover, his salary as a comedian ranges from $15K to $620K.

He also received his wages from producing many shows and movies and even hosting.

Imagine D.L. Hughley alone; he and Ladonna’s family have been wealthy. We can see the fruit of their hard work.

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