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Corey Holcomb is Married to Wife: Maya Holcomb.

Image of Corey Holcomb

Corey Lamont Holcomb is a famous American actor, comedian, and radio host born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. The 52-year-old first started as a basketball player while in college before diverting to a career as a comedian, especially as a stand-up comedian.

He made his first debut in the 1990s alongside his fellow comedian partners Godfrey and DeRay Davis. Corey has been featured in numerous movies, and films such as The Watermelon Heist, Buck Breaking, Wild n’ Out, Black Jesus, and Corey Holcomb: The Problem is You.

Currently, he started his comedy show on YouTube, The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show. Keep reading to know more about Corey Holcomb’s wife. 

Corey Holcomb is Married to Wife: Maya Holcomb

Image of Corey Holcomb

Corey Holcomb is an American comedian, radio host, and actor.

Maya Holcomb is the wife of famous comedian, actor, and radio host, Corey Holcomb. Her exact birthday details have not been disclosed to the public.

However, she is known to have American nationality and white ethnic background. Not much is known about her educational background and occupation since she lives a more private life than her husband.

We might assume that she is a homemaker. Maya is very supportive of her husband, as she is seen accompanying him to his gigs and some movie launches.

Corey Holcomb’s wife does not have any social media account, thus making it a little more difficult to trace her current state of activities and wellbeing. We will update this write-up once more information about Corey Holcomb’s wife become available. 

Corey Holcomb’s Relationship

Corey and Maya Holcomb have never revealed how they first met. Although the two had dated for a while before agreeing to settle down and get married in 2010.

They had a private wedding ceremony, which was only attended by their close friends and family. The couple has been married for more than a decade.

They were fortunate enough to be blessed with three children. However, it is only known that their eldest child, a daughter, was born in 2012.

Details regarding their children have never been disclosed to the public and little is known about them, starting from their names.

Corey Holcomb’s Past Relationships

Corey Holcomb has never spoken about his former and past relationships to the public. He is private about his personal life and likes to keep it confidential and known to him alone.

However, before he met Maya, he had never been engaged nor married even once in his entire lifetime. Despite the fact that he does not talk about his past relationships, it is not wrong to assume that he had been in at least one relationship during his early teenage years and youth.

There has been no rumor of women claiming to have dated or been in a relationship with Corey Holcomb. Currently, we are only hopeful that Corey would finally open up more about his personal life and disclose details and information on his past relationships and hookups if any.

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