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Is Corey B Married to Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Corey B with his wife, Alicia Marie Aucoin, and their son, Lex Bonalewicz

Corey Bonalewicz, better known by his stage name Corey B, is an American social media star who rose to prominence due to the lip-syncing program TikTok. Corey B’s popularity on TikTok led to his adoption of the nickname Corey B.

According to his profile, Corey B was born on July 20, 1988, in Tampa, Florida; however, his family ultimately moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. Before becoming renowned, he worked for B 97 in New Orleans, where he was offered the chance to become a DJ for the Kidd Nation.

During this time, he was also a member of the Kidd Nation.  In addition to his career as a musician, Corey B is also a stand-up comedian.

He makes his home in New York City, where he maintains a busy performance schedule and constantly publishes original comedic content on social media platforms. Do you want to know the social media star Corey B’s Wife?

Is he married, and does he have kids? Please continue reading to learn more.

Corey B is not Married to Wife: Dating Girlfriend Alicia Marie Aucoin.

Image of Corey B with his partner, Alicia Marie Aucoin
Corey B with his partner, Alicia Marie Aucoin

Corey B is committed to his relationship with fellow YouTuber and content creator Alicia Marie Aucoin. The lovely couple is well-known for their reluctance to share any aspect of their personal life, including their relationship, so they have not divulged any information about it.

One of the reasons they are such a well-known pair is this fact. When Corey and his girlfriend Alicia decided they wanted to be a couple, there is no documentation of how they initially became acquainted.

Despite this, the social media sensation and the woman who would eventually become his wife continued to grow closer and build a more intimate relationship. There has been no communication between the two individuals concerning the break in their relationship up until this time.

It does not look that Corey’s relationship with his wonderful girlfriend, Kristin, is becoming less intense over the course of these past several years. After being in a relationship for a long time, the couple became a parent and named their kid Alex.

Alicia Marie Aucoin’s Biography

Alicia is well-known for her role as the patriarch of the successful YouTube channel The B Family. Alongside her long-term boyfriend and radio personality Corey Bonalewicz, Alicia has amassed an enormous popularity on that platform due to the family vlogging, pranks, challenges, and lifestyle entries that she has posted.

In September of 2017, Corey B’s girlfriend launched a YouTube channel for her and her family. Her YouTube audience has grown to almost 220,000 subscribers since she started posting videos there.

Additionally, she has acquired over 120,000 followers on the Alicia Instagram account that she maintains. Corey B’s Wife has a son named Lex with her long-term partner Corey, and his name is Lex.

Is Corey B Married to an Ex-wife, or have an ex-girlfriend? 

Corey gives the appearance that he is a low-key person by restricting the exposure of his former business affiliations and maintaining the privacy of his personal life. It was impossible to get any publicly available information regarding his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend as a direct consequence of this, as there was none.

This website will be updated whenever we become aware of any fresh information, whether it be rumors or actual news.

Corey B’s Kids

Image of Corey B with his wife, Alicia Marie Aucoin, and their son, Lex Bonalewicz
Corey B with his wife, Alicia Marie Aucoin, and their son, Lex Bonalewicz

I. Lex Bonalewicz

He is the only son of the social media star Corey B with his longtime girlfriend Alicia. Lex was born in 2017 and is currently five years old.

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