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Colton Dunn Wife: Jessica Stier and their Children.

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Image of Colton Dunn with his wife, Jessica Stier

Colton Dunn’s Wife, Jessica Stier, and their Children


Dunn, an American actor, writer, comedian, and producer, was married to Jessica Stier, an actress in the tv series JAG way back in 2004, and a film Arnolds Park last 2007 as Susan Campbell.

Both of them have been married since January 7, 2017, and now share two lovely children.

Jessica was usually spotted during the red carpet events where Coltun was invited.

As of this year, Jessica is now 36 years old, and her birthday is on November 11.

In April 2018, Jessica Stier was recently certified as a registered nurse.

She left the entertainment industry and another excellent job to support her family.

Colton Dunn and Jessica Stier have been sharing two lovely children.

However, the first child of Colton, daughter, was not from Jessica Stier but his previous wife.

There are no reports or rumors about Coltun’s ex-wife. Still, we can see that Colton Dunn is having a wonderful life with Jessica Tier as their second child adds up to their blessings last October 1, 2020, and the child’s name is Adrian Aloysius Dunn.

It was hilarious how Colton Dunn was mistaken to be gay, where in fact, he has been happily married for almost six years.

Colton and Jessica met years ago and ended up acting like boyfriend and girlfriend.

They seem discreet with their romantic life since there are no specific details about their wedding. However, it was announced that they tied their relationship last 2017.

Speaking of hilarious, Jessica Stier posted this photo below as her valentines greetings to Colton Dunn.

It is a mix of humor and romance as she draws a heart shape with an arrow across it on Colton’s face.

Maybe this family is a perfect match since they have a sense of humor toward each other.

If you are curious about the couple’s lives as of this moment, Jessica Stier and Colton Dunn have their Instagram accounts; @captode and @jessicasf8. Jessica Stier has 1,581 followers, while her husband has a more significant number of followers, which is 159 thousand.

Most of their Instagram posts were of their son Adrian, which seems to grow more adorable and kind-hearted.

It’s nice to witness such a wonderful family, even if it is on social media. You can genuinely see the blissful life they have right now.

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