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Cody Jinks is Married to Wife: Rebecca Jinks. Kids.

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Image of Cody Jinks with his wife, Rebecca Jinks

Cody Jinks is an American singer that focuses on the country music genre. His portrayal of the outlaw country has given him prominence throughout the Southern United States of America.

Meredith Cody Jinks was born on the 18th of August in 1980. He went to Haltom High School to finish high school in his hometown in Haltom City, Texas.

His professional music career started in 1998 when he was the frontman of the band Unchecked Aggression. After his time there, he went on to perform as a solo artist and released different albums in the country music genre.

Because of the busy career and hectic schedules of the country singer, does he still have time to have a partner? That question will be answered in this article, so read more to know about the wife, married life, and kids, Cody Jinks.

Cody Jinks is Married to Wife: Rebecca Jinks

Image of Cody Jinks with his wife, Rebecca Jinks
Cody Jinks with his wife, Rebecca Jinks

The country singer has made a number of love songs that were certified hits. This made fans and critics wonder about the secret behind his creative songwriting.

The answer to that is his wife. That is his inspiration for a lot of his songs. Cody Jinks is married to his longtime partner Rebecca Jinks.

The two have enjoyed a very long relationship. It is unclear when the two started dating, but it is said that they have been together since the early 2000s.

On the 1st day of October in 2013, after years of being together, the couple decided to tie the knot. The singer said that it was a dream come true because he got married to the love of his life.

The married couple enjoyed a fruitful marriage. They started their own family as well as built their own home.

Sadly, only a little information was revealed by the singer. The couple wants to live in peace and raise their kids without intervention by the media.

Who is Rebecca Jinks?

Because of his chart-topping hits, the country singer has gained thousands of fans. But he said in an interview that his number one fan is his other half.

Rebecca Jinks is Cody Jinks’ wife. She is known as a songwriter that has composed other hits for Cody.

The American woman is the source of the singer’s strength. She is often seen in the audience when the singer is performing.

She also supports her husband by ensuring that he is well and healthy. Besides being a supportive partner, Cody Jinks’ wife is also a full-time mother.

She is the mother of their two beautiful children. Because of the busy life of her husband, Rebecca is tasked to be the caretaker of their kids.

But Cody Jinks’ wife shies away from the limelight. This is to avoid controversies and issues that may affect her and her family.

Cody Jinks’ Kids

Image of Cody Jinks with his daughter
Cody Jinks with his daughter

The love between the two has been strengthened by time. Although they are soulmates, the two still face numerous challenges throughout their relationship.

Their biggest challenge was raising their children. Although the singer has been private about his personal life, it is known that they have a beautiful daughter and a handsome son.

According to sources, the son of the couple is also interested in creating music. He aspires to be like his father and tries to learn how to play the guitar.

The two kids are still in school and are taken care of by their parents. The family of four lives together in Forth Worth, Texas.

Unfortunately, the details about them are limited because they want to retain their privacy. This article will be updated once information about them is revealed.

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