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Cleen Rock One is Married to Wife: Megan Jean Morris.

Image of Cleen Rock One with his wife, Megan Jean Morris

James Steinke, popularly known as Cleen Rock One, is a famous American tattoo artist from Illinois. Clean Rock was first attracted to tattoos when he was only 12.

He eventually got one of his own at the age of 16. He never went to college as he was more interested in starting his tattoo industry.

Lucky enough, he opened his first tattoo shop in Illinois. Currently, he has opened his second shop in Las Vegas. He also has social media accounts where he posts his artwork to the public.

Keep reading to know more about Cleen Rock One’s wife!

Cleen Rock One is Married to Wife: Megan Jean Morris.

Image of Cleen Rock One with his wife, Megan Jean Morris
Cleen Rock One with his wife, Megan Jean Morris

Megan Jean Morris is a famous tattoo artist and is commonly known as the ex-girlfriend of Cleen Rock One. Cleen Rock One’s wife was born on the 19th of February 1982 in Maine, United States of America.

Looking at her educational background, she graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. Regarding her occupation, she is the sole owner of Painted Soul Tattoos, a tattoo parlor she opened in Connecticut.

Currently, the parlor has been renamed Black Hatchet Tattoo Co. An interesting fact is that she fell in love with tattoos ever since she was in pre-school.

Megan has also been featured in popular magazines and shows like Inked Magazine and Tattoo Titans. Before she met Cleen Rock, Megan married the late Taber Brewster Hammond.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out, and they both decided to get a divorce.

Her relationship with Cleen Rock

Cleen Rock One’s wife, Megan Jean Morris, and Cleen Rock first met when they were featured in the show Ink Master as competitors. They got to know each other for a month before finally dating.

However, their relationship did not last very long. As of 2022, Cleen Rock is single and not in any relationship with anyone. Whereas Megan moved on and started dating Steve Tarr.

A look at Cleen Rock’s Past Relationships

Before Cleen Rock-met Megan Jean Morris, he was engaged and married. He has never disclosed any details regarding his former wife as he likes to keep his dating and relationship life private and away from the public’s eyes.

The two first met in 2002, after which they dated for two years before they finally decided to get married in the year 2004. During their marriage, they were fortunate enough to be blessed with two kids.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and they filed for a divorce in 2007. It has been alleged that the reason why they got divorced was due to Cleen Rock’s infidelity in their marriage.

True to that fact, Cleen Rock’s previous Instagram account had pictures of other women who were suspected to be in secret relationships with him. After their divorce, Megan went to live with their children, but Cleen Rock maintains contact and a stable relationship with them.

According to his Instagram posts, his oldest son turned eighteen on the 28th of March this year.

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