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Chumlee is Married to Wife: Oliva Rademann.

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Image of Chumlee with his wife, Olivia Rademann

Pawn Stars is an American tv show that takes you behind the scenes of what’s happening in a pawn shop and the life of the people involved. One of the personalities that fans are fond of is Chumlee.

Chumlee is a staff in Rick Harrison’s pawn shop. He has a joyful aura that balances Rick’s strict and straight-to-the-point personality.

 Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, was born on September 8, 1982. He lives near their shop in Nevada.

Chumlee had a sweet childhood alongside his lifetime friend Corey Harrison. The two had spent most of their childhood together.

Because of their friendship, Chumlee was hired as a worker by Corey’s father. The two have been co-workers since and have a good relationship in front and behind the camera.

In his appearances on the show, he is often seen as not taking his job seriously and is incompetent. This resulted in always being the butt of the jokes.

One of Chum’s biggest blunders was when he bought a video game machine for $700. After knowing what happened, Rick was quickly disappointed by this, but everyone in the shop laughed it out and got on with their work.

Curious about the businessman’s life? Read this article as we reveal information about Chumlee’s wife, Olivia Rademann, and their relationship.

Chumlee is married to Olivia Rademann.

Image of Chumlee with his wife, Olivia Rademann
Chumlee with his wife, Olivia Rademann

The History Channel breakout star is currently married. Chumlee’s wife is Olivia Rademann.

The two have a long and fruitful relationship. They started as friends for more than three years before they developed feelings for each other.

They met in 2013, and just three years after, they had officially dated. The two have a 10-year age gap that bothers many people, but it seems like this is not a problem in their relationship.

The lovebirds got engaged in 2018 at a party at The D Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas. A year after, they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Hawaii attended by close friends and families.

But recently, speculations rose as Olivia was seen removing pictures of the couple on her Instagram account. It is not clear why she did this, but fans are worried that the relationship is in a difficult situation.

Chumlee did not clarify this incident which made it worse for the fans. But we can only speculate because there is no clear information about the commotion.

About Olivia Rademann

Oliva Rademann is an American woman born in the 1990s. She is currently studying and finishing her degree.

Unfortunately, Chumlee’s wife hopes for private life. Details about her are not disclosed to the public, but we will update this once information about her is revealed.

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