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Chef Amaury Guichon is Married to Wife: Fiona Bergson Guichon. Kids.

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Image of Chef Amaury Guichon with his wife, Fiona Bergson Guichon

Amaury Guichon, more commonly addressed as Chef Amaury, is a celebrity chef whose ethnicity can be traced to being Swiss and French. After the critics and customers discovered his superior pastry products, he rose to prominence.

At 14, he already knew his passion and immediately signed up for formal training at a very young age. He established his reputation by participating in different cooking competitions in Geneva, including the French reality show, Who will be the next best pastry chef?

(2013), in which he garnered the first place. He further strengthens his fan base by featuring his cakes on his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Currently, Guichon is the host and judge of the Netflix show School of Chocolate. Different netizens and actual customers are astonished by his sweet and delicious crafts, but he is sweeter outside the kitchen and the show.

Keep reading this Wikipedia-type biography to learn more details about Chef Amaury Guichon’s wife.

Chef Amaury Guichon is Married to Fiona Guichon since 2020

Image of Chef Amaury Guichon with his wife, Fiona Bergson Guichon
Chef Amaury Guichon with his wife, Fiona Bergson Guichon

Many people have struggled amid the pandemic season, but the prominent chef took the lockdown as an opportunity to have a solemn wedding in December 2020. He has been happily married to Fiona Guichon for almost two years now, but the newlyweds have been dating since they were still studying.

Their long-term relationship served as a strong foundation for the couple to form a solid bond, as seen on their social media accounts. They indeed have ups and downs in their relationship and are probably still adjusting, but they weather everything together.

As of now, they are still enjoying their married life without kids.

Fiona Guichon’s Short Biography

Fiona Bergson Guichon is the loving wife of the prominent chef. She was born on the 1st of April 1995 and is currently 27 years young.

Chef Amaury Guichon’s wife was born and raised in Canada by her parents, whose names and identities are not publicly disclosed. Like her famous husband, she also has an interest in baking as she is one of the teams that manage The Pastry Academy, where his chef husband conducts his training and seminars.

Aside from being a supportive wife, Chef Amaury Guichon’s wife is also a photographer and an owner of a tattoo boutique called Imperial Tattoo Connexion Shop. She is also fond of traveling with her husband when he needs to shoot shows in distant places.

Fiona is quite famous on Instagram, with over 60,000 followers. Several facts about her personal life are kept in private, but this page will be edited immediately once we get reliable points.

Chef Amaury Guichon’s Kids

As stated earlier, the pastry specialist enjoys his marital life and is still focused on his career. When asked in an interview about having a baby, he blatantly answered that now is not the right time to have babies.

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