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Bun B is Married to Wife: Angela Walls. Past Relationships.

Image of Bun B with his wife, Angela Walls

Bernard James Freeman, also known as Bun B, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor who comes from Houston, Texas, United States of America. He initially broke out as a musician in 1987 when he was part of the rap group named UnderGround Kingz.

After their music hit the mainstream media, Bun B went on to work with various labels such as Double Dose, Universal Motown, Warner Bros., and Asylum, just to name a few. His famous albums include Trill, II Trill, Trill OG, and Trill OG: The Epilogue. He is also featured as an actor in Video Girl and Ghetto Stories.

Keep reading about Bun B’s wife, Angela Walls, and get to know their relationship here!

Bun B’s Wife Angela Walls Biography

Image of Bun B with his wife, Angela Walls
Bun B with his wife, Angela Walls

Angela Walls is a celebrity commonly known as the wife of rapper Bun B. She was born on the 16th of December in 1973 in the United States of America.

She has an American nationality and a mixed African-American ethnic background. Angela is popularly known by her nickname ‘Queenie,’ which her husband calls her by. She measures 5 feet 3 inches which makes her 162 centimeters tall.

Regarding her education, it is alleged that she completed high school and is a graduate of a private university. For her occupation, it is not clear what she does for a living, but generally, she serves as a homemaker in her family.

An interesting fact is that she was once caught up in a fight in a parking lot with a white woman. The fight went viral after the woman called her a ‘stupid nigga’ and dared her to shoot her down.

This sparked a lot of controversies, but the dispute was solved eventually. Overall, she is a huge supporter of her husband’s profession and career.

We will update this write-up once more information and details about Bun B’s wife become available.

Her relationship with Bun B

The two lovebirds first met through one of their friends, who hooked them up together. After dating for a while, Bun B got married to Angela in the year 2003 at a private ceremony.

Their wedding was attended only by their close friends and family. The couple has been married for 19 years and has been celebrating their anniversary on the 15th of March every year.

They have two kids, both of who are Angela’s children from her past relationships. One of the kids is also a rapper, Young-B, who is famously in a group called Youngest N Charge.

A look at Bun B’s Past Relationships

It is not known how many past relationships Bun B had been involved in as he likes to keep his past personal life private. However, he has never been engaged before and never got into any marriage relationship in his past years. Assumedly, he had been in at least a few other relationships before meeting the love of his life, Angela Walls, aka Queenie.

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