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Brendan Hunt is Married to Wife: Shannon Nelson. Kids.

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Image of Brendan Hunt with his wife, Shannon Nelson

Brendan Hunt is a Hollywood actor that has been in many leadership roles. His primary genre is comedy.

Brendan starred in the hit 2013 film. We’re the Millers. He also played a role in the 2014 film Horrible Bosses 2. His last project was the Emmy nominated Apple tv show entitled Ted Lasso.

He co-created this and did some script while acting in it as well. Brendan is a talented actor.

He got his acting background from being a part of the theater. He finished a theater program at the pristine University of Illinois State.

Under the supervision of the actress Judith Ivey, he took a week-long master class while he attended the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. Hunt worked with the Boom Chicago comedy and improvisational troupe from 1998 until 2008.

He was featured in the Comedy Central Netherlands, where he was the head writer and took part in the satirical news program called Comedy Central News. Hunt and his team collaborated with The Second City in a comedy exchange in 2003, with Hunt’s performance as soccer player Roy Keane being hailed as the “best character of the night” by the Chicago Tribune.

This happened when Boom Chicago was located in Amsterdam. With the busy career of Brendan Hunt, does he have time to have a partner?

We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding Brendan Hunt’s wife, Shannon Nelson.

Brendan Hunt and Shannon Nelson’s marriage

Image of Brendan Hunt with his wife, Shannon Nelson
Brendan Hunt with his wife, Shannon Nelson

The famous actor is currently married to Shannon Nelson, an actress, and producer who has acted in films such as Drop Dead Gorgeous and Alice And The Monster. Details about the pair’s relationship are kept out of the spotlight, but the two share images of their family on their social media accounts.

The lovely couple has been busy taking care of their only child. Brendan reportedly said that being a father is challenging, but it is a memorable experience as well.

Lately, the family of three was seen in a photo celebrating mother’s day with a glass of champagne while enjoying the sunny day.

Brendan Hunt’s wife, Shannon Nelson

Shannon Nelson is Brendan Hunt’s wife. She is a producer and an actress as well.

Since 1993, Shannon has had 17 roles that have been credited to her. Her most notable appearance was in the 1999 film Drop Dead Gorgeous.

This followed a series of acting jobs in different films, such as; Martha Thistlethwaite in the 2009 film Gold, Addie in the series entitled Pairings, and Caroline in Cannabis Moms Club. Despite the many tv and film appearances, not much is known about her private life and details.

Fans are hoping that someday they will know the actress’ information.

Brendan and Shannon’s son

Image of Brendan Hunt and Shannon Nelson with their son, Sean Theodore hunt
Brendan Hunt and Shannon Nelson, with their son, Sean Theodore hunt

With the lovebird’s relationship as strong as ever, they added a cute little son named Sean Theodore Hunt to their family. He is their first-born child. The couple said that they would surely add more to the family.

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