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Brad Leone is Married to Wife: Peggy Marie Merk. Kids.

Image of Brad Leone with his wife, Peggy Marie Merk, and their kids, Griff and Kyle

Brad Leone is a renowned TV host and a chef. The Bon Appetite Print Publication’s cooking videos were the cause for his rise to popularity. Not long after graduating from college, Brad decided to join the Bon Appetite.

The renowned TV host started as an intern and worked his way up to the position of sous chef. He had to perform much of the grunt work at the time, including running errands cleaning the kitchen, and doing the dishes by hand.

In a lighthearted joke, Chef Brad once likened himself to a glorified dishwasher. Nevertheless, Brad did what he had to do and eventually got promoted to kitchen manager.

‘It’s alive’ premiered in 2016 and finally gave him his big break. It follows Brad as he tries new dishes and explores fermented foods in the show.

Do you want to know the renowned TV host Brad Leone’s Wife? Her biography and their kids together? Then continue reading to find out.

Brad Leone and Peggy Marrie Merck’s Married Life

Image of Brad Leone with his wife, Peggy Marie Merk
Brad Leone with his wife, Peggy Marie Merk

Brad is happily married to Peggy Marie Merck. Unfortunately, not much information is available to the public about their married life as both couples don’t discuss it on their social media.

In addition, there are no details regarding how or when they first met, when they decided to become a pair, or when to get married. Despite this, Brad and his wife Peggy have continued to evolve even more attached to one another as the years have gone by; their marriage shows no sign of weakening. 

Nevertheless, the couple is frequently seen together on their individual Instagram, where they appear to brag about how happy they are in their relationship. As of now, Brad and his wife Peggy, and their two children are residing in the Big Apple. You can find Brad’s Instagram here and his wife Peggy here.

Peggy Marrie Merck’s Biography

In addition to being an event planner, she is married to TV broadcaster Brad Leone. Peggy was born on May 19th, 1983, and just recently this year, she turned 39.

She was reared in Sturgis, South Dakota, by her parents, whose names are unknown. In addition, she is the director of the Jessica Simpson collection’s program and marketing.

Brad Leone’s wife attended the University of Scranton, where she earned her degree. Additionally, Peggy is the mother of Brad’s children, who go by the names Griff and Kyle. Continue reading, as we will be talking about their children in the following section. 

Brad Leone’s Kids

Image of Brad Leone with his kids, Griff and Kyle
Brad Leone with his kids, Griff and Kyle

 I. Griff Leone

 He is the eldest son of the renowned TV host Brad Leone and his wife, Peggy. Griff was born on May 4th, 2016, and recently turned six years old.

II. Kyle Leone

 He is the youngest son of Brad with his lovely wife, Peggy. Kyle was born on May 3rd, 2018, and recently turned four years old.

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