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Brad Lea is Married to Wife: Melissa Renee Lea. Kids.

Image of Brad Lea with his wife, Melissa Renee Lea

Brad Lea is a renowned businessman. He started with nothing and worked his way up to become the CEO of a firm, public speaker, angel investor, technology company founder, and self-proclaimed truth-teller.

Brad Lea is well aware that he is not flawless; in fact, the fact that he is not perfect is how he makes his money. Lea, author of the best-selling book “Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way So You Don’t Have to,” is transparent about his failures in the hopes of accelerating the achievement of others.

Brad’s birthday is November 9th, and he was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon, in 1969. Although he was raised by a family that belonged to Oregon’s middle class, he had a difficult childhood marked by many highs and lows.

Do you want to know Brad Lea’s wife? Her biography and Kids? And also, Brad’s ex-wife? Then continue reading as we will talk about it below.

Brad Lea and Meissa Renee Lea’s Married Life


Image of Brad Lea with his wife, Melissa Renee Lea
Brad Lea with his wife, Melissa Renee Lea

Brad and his adoring wife, Meissa, have been blessed with two beautiful girls and have lived the good life since their marriage. Due to the fact that neither of the couples discusses their marital status on their social media, the public is not privy to a great deal of information regarding their married lives.

In addition, there is no knowledge provided regarding how or when they first met, when they chose to become a couple, or when they decided to get married. Despite this, Brad and his wife, Meissa, have continued to become even more committed to one another as the years have gone by.

Nevertheless, there is no hint that their marriage is becoming less strong. Continue reading, as we will discuss Brad Lea’s wife’s biography below.

Meissa Renee Lea’s Biography

Meissa Renee Lea is not one of those who gained immense popularity due to their success in their professional lives. Her primary claim to fame is that she is the spouse of the renowned businessman Brad Lea.

Brad Lea’s wife, Katherine is known to keep her personal life very quiet. She has provided very little information about her family, including her parents and siblings, as well as her birth date and age.

Katherine does not appear to like all of the attention that comes with being a famous man’s wife. Nevertheless, she is available on Instagram, but her account is private. 

Is Brad Lea Married to an ex-wife?

Yes, he once married another woman and had five kids with her. However, her identity is not known to the public. Brad sometimes mentioned her on his podcast but didn’t mention her name.

The former couple’s kids also don’t have information that is available on the internet. We assume that Brad is the type of person that doesn’t want to share their personal life.

Nevertheless, we will update this article if new information comes out regarding Brad Lea’s ex-wife and their kids.

Brad Lea’s Kids

Image of Brad and Melissa Renee Lea's daughters
Brad and Melissa Renee Lea’s daughters

Brad Lea is a father to seven children. Five of those children are from his previous marriage to an individual whose name is unknown, while the other two children are from his marriage to his current wife, Meissa.

As we say above, Brad is the kind of person who does not wish to discuss their private life. We will revise and update this post if we learn anything new concerning Brad Lea’s children.

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