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Bob Baffert’s First Wife: Sherry Baffert. 5 Kids.

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Image of Bob Baffert and Sherry Baffert

Who knew that being a racehorse trainer could make you a well-known person and give you a considerable amount of paycheck that would change your life. Robert A. Baffert, also known as Bob Baffert, is a famous racehorse trainer who produced two Triple Crown winners.

The 69-year-old trainer has won many races, including Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, Breeder’s Cups, and Preakness Steaks.

It has been an incredible career path for the famous racehorse trainer, but if you are a fan of his, you should dig deeper into his life.

Learn more about this Wikipedia-type article regarding the wife, partner, and children of Bob Baffert.

Sherry Baffert was Bob Baffert’s ex-wife.

Image of Sheery Baffert with her ex-partner, Bob Baffert
Sherry Baffert with her ex-partner, Bob Baffert

During their marriage, Sherry did not share any information about herself on any social media platform or media outlets. The couple has been happily married during their first few years as husband and wife.

Bob and Sherry built a family that everyone thought would last until a tragic moment hit the family.

According to sources, the couple started having problems during their marriage, and some of those problems did not end well.

Fans knew what was coming. In 1999, the couple decided to end their marital relationship by getting a divorce.

Short Biography on Sherry Baffert

After the divorce, Sherry started living a quiet life and did not share any more details. People knew her as a woman who wanted a private life from the start.

 Some fans of Bob think that this is because the world of racehorse training can sometimes be heated, and problems may occur in tournaments.

This makes the people think that this is why Sherry wants to live without being exposed to the public.

 Her whereabouts are not disclosed, and no one has news if she remarried another man or not. Our team will do a deep search and will try to look for more details about the personal information of the former wife of Bob Baffert.

Bob’s Children

Image of Bob and Sherry Baffert with their son
Bob and Sherry Baffert with their son

The former couple had a happy marriage before putting a period on their loving relationship. They were blessed with four children named Taylor, Canyon, Forest, and Savannah.

After Bob’s first marriage, he remarried another woman named Jill Baffert. She is known as an American broadcaster and television host.

She is now a housewife and resides in Louisville.

Bob has one child with Jill named Bode. His current wife is the one who is responsible for taking care of their child while making sure that the horses are in good health before a tournament.

The personal details of the racehorse trainer’s kids were not released to the public. We will update this article once the family has disclosed more information about the five children of Bob.

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