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Bill Romanowski is Married to Wife: Julie Legrand. Kids.

Image of Bill Romanowski with his wife, Julie Legrand

If you are a fan of watching international football games, then you must be heard the name William Thomas Romanowski; otherwise, Bill Romanowski. He is a former American football player, notably a linebacker, who served in National Football League (NFL).

He won four Super Bowl Championships throughout his football career, playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, and Denver Broncos. He excellently took part in 243 consecutive games and is also one of the linebackers with an NFL record.

He was a two-time Pro Bowl in 1996 and 1998. Moreover, Bill Romanowski is proudly the only linebacker to serve and set off to five Super Bowl Games.

Bill Romanowski was not just a football player throughout his career; he also appeared in movies including The Longest Yard, The Benchwarmers, Bedtime Stories, Weiners, and Get Smart. He is not just a notable football player but also an author.

His work called Romo, my Life on the Edge became known and became one of the New York Times bestselling in 2005. He accomplished so many accomplishments that he made people take notice of him.

A company he established, Nutrition 53, provides nutritional supplements for optimal performance in daily life. Throughout his professional career, he left numerous legacies that earned him notoriety.

Who is Bill Romanowskis Wife? Discover more about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Bill Romanowski has been Married to his wife, Julie Legrand, since 1993

Image of Bill Romanowski with his wife, Julie Legrand
Bill Romanowski with his wife, Julie Legrand

Let us see who must be the one who turned out to be Bill Romanowskis wife, and her name is Julie Legrand. Sources believed they had been together for a long time before walking down the aisle in 1993.

Questions like when do Bill Romanowski’s marriage take place, and how long have they been together before exchanging vows? He never mentioned any of these points. We only know if the couple has a good and healthy relationship indeed.

Bill Romanowski’s Past Relationships

He chose to be relatively quiet about his previous relationships. He never released any statement regarding this matter; thus, no one knows if he had a woman before exchanging vows with his side.

Bill Romanowski is committed, and loyal since his relationship with his wife is staying strong and secure. She might be the only woman he allowed to enter his entire life.

Julie Legrand’s Biography

As much as we would like to take a closer look at Bill Romanowski’s wife, details about her are still unknown. People only recognized her as the wife of former football player Bill Romanowski.

Pieces of information about her educational background or details about her family and other relatives remained in the shade. Nevertheless, their long-standing marriage has proved that Julie Legrand is a caring and loving wife.

Bill Romanowski’s Kids

Image of Bill Romanowski with his wife, Julie Legrand, and their kids, Dalton and Alexandra
Bill Romanowski with his wife, Julie Legrand, and their kids, Dalton and Alexandra

The couple’s love for each other has resulted in the birth of two children, a son, and a daughter. Dalton Romanowki is their son’s name, while their daughters name is Alexandra Romanowski.

Both of their children are already now fully grown and mature adults. The sources do not provide details about their education or career paths. We will update this article once Bill Romanowski releases relevant information regarding his children.

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