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Bill Carlton’s Wife: Jennifer Carlton. Children: Keegan and Presley Carton

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Image of Bill Carlton a Famous Australian Business man

Bill Carton is a passionate man known for creating a wide range of auto modifications and adjustments.

Bill founded Ekstensive Automobiles in the mid-1990s and later sought to create a convention for car enthusiasts called Texas Metal in 2017.

Texas Metal revolves around the arrangements and modifications of various cars and automobiles based on client requests. In 1976, his father had paid the property off Sunny Drive.

Bill had started his career in metal fabrication after graduating from high school in a similar location. In the beginning, he used to sell welding supplies and steel.

For almost 22 years, the famous actor of Texas Meta has been happily married to Jennifer Carlton.

They have three children, Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton, and they are a happy family.

Keegan, the oldest child, is around 19 years old. At the beginning of 2017, Bill began filming for Texas Metal as a promotional show for his automobile adjustment.

The show’s popularity made it a long-running hit for nearly four years.

According to NewsSquare, Bill Carlton’s total assets are more than $1.9 million.

Read this Wikipedia-style biographical article to learn more about the lives of Bill Carlton, a well-known businessman and actor, and his wife, Jennifer Carton.

Bill Carlton is married to his wife, Jennifer Carlton

Image of Bill Carlton a Reality Tv Actor
Bill Carlton, a Reality Tv Actor

The well-known businessman Bill and Jennifer Carlton, his lovely wife, have been married for quite some time. People think that they were married two decades ago.

Despite the fact that they have been together for a long time, the couple has never been in the news and enjoys a happy marriage.

Jennifer Carlton Biography

The only information we have on Jennifer Carlton is that she is married to Bill Carton and has three children together.

The famous businessman is lowkey, so any other information about his wife, Jennifer, is unknown to the public.

But don’t worry, if we learn anything new about his wife, we’ll update this article.

Bill Carlton’s Kids

Keegan Carlton is the eldest son of The famous businessman and his wife, Jennifer. He is 19 years old.
Presley Carlton is also the son of Bill and his wife, Jennifer.

His age and birthday were unknown, and if we learn anything new, we’ll update this article.

Cornin Cartlon is also their son, and his age and birthday were unknown.

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