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Bigg Jah is Married to Wife: Winter Everett

Image of Bigg Jah with his wife, Winter Everett

Bigg Jah is one of the faces in the show The Family Chantel. His character in the reality tv show is a funny and relatable guy.

Besides being at the reality show, Jah started as a YouTuber. His contents focus more on comedy and skits with some satirical humour.

Because of his success in recent years, Bigg Jah was hired as the cast of many different films, such as The P-Word and  The Perfekt Plan.

With the busy career of the tv celebrity, does he have a partner?

Learn more about the personal life of reality star Bigg Jah and his wife, married life, and kids.

Bigg Jah has been Married to his Wife Winter Everett since 2021

Image of Bigg Jah with his wife, Winter Everett
Bigg Jah with his wife, Winter Everett

The Bigg Jah has been a fan favourite in many of his shows. Because of his comedic sketches and antics, it is inevitable for the big guy to gain more fans.

But recently, many fans got curious about Bigg Jah’s relationship with Winter. Although it was known that the two were a couple at the time, many fans did not realise that they had a secret wedding.

In November of 2021, a Facebook post revealed that Big Jah married Winter Everett. The two were a long-time couple and decided to make it official after tying the knot.

Bigg Jah’s Past Relationships

Even though he is a television personality, from a particular standpoint, there is still a lot of hidden and unknown about his personal life, especially his dating history. However, regardless of all the rumours, the possibility of him being in other romantic relationships before meeting Winter still stands.

We maybe have to wait until he becomes ready to confirm all the rumours circulating about his love life.

Winter Everett’s Biography

Bigg Jah’s wife is the beautiful Winter Everett. She is a plus-size woman who is the wife of a reality tv star.

Bigg Jah’s wife is also a reality tv star herself. She often appears in the show Family Chantel and has appearances in other tv shows.

Her projects also involved the famed reality tv show 90 Day Fiancé. Bigg Jah’s wife’s appearances on different tv shows enabled her to gain a lot of followers.

Her Instagram account grew to almost two hundred thousand followers after her work in the reality tv industry. As a plus-size woman, Bigg Jah’s wife is focused on lifting the confidence of her fellow woman who shares the same body features.

But recently, the lovely woman was admired by many people after her revelations. In some of her family’s posts, the reality tv star appears to be losing weight.
Some fans believe this is because of her training and goals to have a slimmer body type.

Bigg Jah’s Kids

The reality tv couple has been in the spotlight for a long time. Many are intrigued by Jah and Winter’s relationship on and off-camera.

As they become more famous, many fans ask more questions about their bond and their family. After their marriage, there was no more news about their relationship.

But some rumours say that Bigg Jah’s wife is expecting a baby. They say that the reality tv star is secretly having a baby.

Although this is only a rumour, some fans believe it to be accurate and are getting more curious about the couple’s baby. This rumour is yet to be confirmed by the lovely couple.

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