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Benny Johnson is Married to Wife: Katelyn Rieley. Kids.

Image of Benny Johnson with his wife, Katelyn Rieley

An American political columnist and host, Benny Johnson, is currently working at Newsmax TV. He is in the service as a host of The Benny Report on Newsmax TV every Saturday at 7:30 pm. His show has continued to rose in success since September 2020 because of his approach and intellectual aspect of the world of politics.

He is the Chief Creative Officer of Turning Point USA; Benny Johnson believes that the conservatives deserve a better class on the internet and is creating one daily. The people began turning their attention to Benny Johnson in 2010, wherein his articles were published on the opinionated and commentary website Breitbart News Network.

The following year, in 2011, he was employed at the American conservative company Blaze Media; later, in 2012, he served as a staff writer for BuzzFeed. Benny Johnson launched his own YouTube channel on February 28, 2007, and recently reached over 150,000 subscribers, while the number of his video’s views combined is nearly 100 million.

All his videos are politics-related, which has helped him attract several subscribers. His interest in politics made him acquire a spotlight in show business, giving his viewers more profound knowledge regarding the system of politics and culture.

Who is Benny Johnson’s Wife? The article below answers the questions about his personal and romantic life.

Benny Johnson has been Married to Wife, Katelyn Rieley, since 2016

Image of Benny Johnson with his wife, Katelyn Rieley
Benny Johnson with his wife, Katelyn Rieley

Some must be curious about who Benny Johnson’s wife, a nurse named Katelyn Rieley, caught Bennu Johnson’s heart; they have been married for quite some time. The couple walked down the aisle last November 13, 2016.

Before their wedding, Benny Johnson shared a video announcing their marriage and showed where the wedding would take place. The couple exchanged vows at the beautiful beach house in Delaware.

Benny Johnson’s Previous Relationships

Many people might be curious about the dating history of Benny Johnson; however, he is said to be the type of person who is silently related to this topic. Some sources presume that Benny Johnson had at least one relationship before marrying his current partner.

Nonetheless, the rumored woman who has been with Benny Johnson is not named. It is also not confirmed if the rumor came out to be true.

Katelyn Rieley’s Biography

Let us have a moment to give a brief background about Katelyn Rieley. Aside from being a nurse, she celebrates her birthday every December 4.

People most recognize her as Benny Johnson’s wife, and she gained more followers on her social media because of his well-known husband. Other information anything about her remains in the shade of media.

Benny Johnson’s Kids

Image of Katelyn Rieley with her daughter, Ellouise Ellyn
Katelyn Rieley with her daughter, Ellouise Ellyn

The couple is the proud parents of Ellouise Ellyn, and she was born in July 2020. Further information about their daughter is not revealed.

People are still waiting for the couple’s following announcement about having the next child. Once they confirm some information on their next child, we will promptly update this article.

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