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Benjamin Burnley is Married to Wife: Rhiannon Napier. Kids.

Image of Benjamin Burnley with his wife, Rhiannon Napier

Benjamin Burnley is a prominent singer and music producer; the media was given him a nickname, BB; he obtained a wide spotlight as the lead singer and founder of the band Breaking Benjamin. The group was formed in the late 1990s, having passed numerous peaks and valleys.

The band first performed at the clubs and only played covers of famous songs; their massive hit was around 2004 to 2009. Breaking Benjamin released an album, We Are Not Alone, in 2004 that smashed success with more than one million copies of album world worldwide.

Benjamin Burnley took a long break after their sudden fame; after six years, in 2015, he returned to the top of the stage to revive the Breaking Benjamin, accompanied by his other two band members, Keith Wallen and Aaron Bruch. The band released the album Dark Before Dawn, which thrives well for the audience.

In 2018, they released another album called Ember and a single from the Torn in Two that reached the first rank in the music chart of Billboard 200. Benjamin Burnley illustrates that even if you fall from height, you can get back to where you once were if you are determined to get something you had before.

Who is Benjamin Burnley’s Wife? The article below answers the questions about his personal and romantic life.

Benjamin Burnley has been Married to Wife: Rhiannon Napier, since 2014

Image of Benjamin Burnley with his wife, Rhiannon Napier
Benjamin Burnley with his wife, Rhiannon Napier

As we move forward, let us talk about Benjamin Burnley’s wife, Rhiannon Napier; she gained the attention of fans as she started dating the musician. She had been his girlfriend for a long time, and in 2014, the couple finally tied a knot after dating for six years.

Benjamin Burnley kept out of the public eye and remained relatively discreet regarding his personal life. Keeping away from the media must be his way of having a quiet life.

Benjamin Burnley’s Previous Relationships

Benjamin Burnley has not spoken about his relationship in the past; however, netizens believed that he had at least one relationship before meeting his wife. Different sources confirmed that he had never engaged before.

It is not known how he met his previous partners or how long he has been in a relationship; he has no interest in discussing his dating history since he is only concerned with his career. For now, He is currently married to the woman he loves.

Rhiannon Napier’s Biography

Let us have a moment to give a short overview of Benjamin Burnleys wife; like her beloved husband, Rhiannon Burnley is a musician. She once performed some backing vocals on Breaking Benjamins fifth studio album Dark Before Dawn, in 2015, particularly on the song Defeated.

Rhiannon Napier was born and raised in Hebron, Kentucky; she describes how she likes traveling and spending time with her family. Fans can see how much she treasures her family, especially her husband, giving them butterflies from seeing how lovely they are.

Benjamin Burnley’s Kids

Image of Benjamin Burnley with his son, Jackson Burnley V
Benjamin Burnley with his son, Jackson Burnley V

The couples only son named Jackson Burnley V; Benjamin Burnley and Rhiannon Napier welcomed him last 2018. He is a cute little boy that Breaking Benjamin fans adore; Benjamin Burnley often shares a photo of them on Instagram.

Jackson Burnley V. is currently joining pre-school in Ocean City, NJ. Fans must be waiting for this cute boy to grow up and wonder if he will follow his fathers path as a musician; without a doubt, he will grow up as talented as his father.

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