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Is Azaan Sami Khan Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Azaan Sami Khan

The new featured face of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Azaan Sami Khan, he’s not just a goodlooking actor but also the youngest Pakistani producer and music composer that emerged in show business. He earned his name in this industry because of his mellifluous voice and stunning acting skills.

Azaan Sami Khan has also worked as an assistant director in Bollywood and eventually gave his all as he debuted as an actor in Lollywood, saying he always dreamed and hoped for. In 2018, he started venturing into the entertainment industry; he explored his inherited talent and made his debut as a music composer.

A few people know that the one who composed all the songs in the movie Parwaaz Hai Junoon is Azaan Sami Khan himself. He also had an opportunity to display his versatility when he made an initial entry in a Pakistani motion picture, which is ‘Pathak Dey.

This young, good-looking actor has been ruling over the hearts of the people in Pakistan since he appeared and became active on-screen. Following his renowned parents, he quickly fulfilled everyone’s expectations and gradually excelled in every project he starred at.

Who is Azaan Sami Khan’s Wife? We’ll answer the question about his personal life and relationship history in the article below.

Is Azaan Sami Khan Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Azaan Sami Khan
Azaan Sami Khan is a music producer, songwriter, and composer.

This heartthrob actor revealed that someone once held the title of Azaan Sami Khan’s wife when he was 20 years old; her name was Sophia Bilgrami, his childhood lover. However, in early 2022, he admitted his broken marriage with his longtime partner due to unfortunate circumstances.

Azaan Sami Khan and his wife walked to the altar, and after being together for three years, the couple decided to split up, shocking the people around them. Azaan Sami Khan and Sophia Bilgrami had two adorable children, Lilly, their young one, six, and Ibrahim, the old one, 8; as they filed a divorce, the two of them came up with a decision that they would be co-parenting their kids.

In his recent interview in Fuschia Magazine, he talked about his fallen marriage with his wife and the upheaval he is still facing up until now. The reason behind this was “ego, which ruined his personal life; he also said that he could get everything again on track, but the lives of his children would never be everyday again as they would grow up with a broken family.

He gave some advice in his interview; he suggested that the couple must keep a healthy relationship. For now, as Azaan Sami Khan is still gradually moving forward in his life, he has no statement about having the next relationship.

Azaan Sami Khan’s Biography

As we wait on who will be the next Azaan Sami Khan’s wife, let us first point our attention to his personal life. Azaan Sami Khan was born on May 22, 1993, in Karachi, where he spent his childhood until he moved abroad to complete his education before coming to his country.

Azaan Sami Khan rose to fame when he stepped into the production field in 2014 and entered as a co-producer for the Lollywood movie, ‘O21. He already had made a small screen debut with versatile actresses of the show business before debuting on the big screen.

He belongs to an accomplished and famous family where his father, Adnan Sami, is a well-known singer internationally. At the same time, his mother, Zeba Bakhtiar, is a notable actress in Pakistan. Without a doubt, Azaan Sami Khan inherited his polished talent from his parents, as he easily won the people’s hearts because of his diligence in the industry.

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