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Anthony Padilla is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Mykie

Image of Anthony Padilla with his girlfriend, Mykie

If you surfed YouTube in its early days, you probably saw Anthony Padilla. Anthony is half of the founders of the hit entertainment channel Smosh.

Their rise to the top of the social media platform came quickly. In 2007, they were the most subscribed channel on the site because of the leadership of Padilla.

The half-Filipino YouTuber created some of the classic sketches on YouTube. One of their most-viewed series was the How-To videos, where they show how to do things with added comedy.

In 2017, the inevitable happened, and Anthony left the group. Curious about what happened to the YouTuber?

Check this out! Learn more about the information of the YouTuber Anthony Padilla and his wife and their relationship status.

Anthony Padilla is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Mykie

Image of Anthony Padilla with his girlfriend, Mykie

Anthony Padilla with his girlfriend, Mykie

In the early days of YouTube, Anthony was one of the top creators and was looked up to by many for his success in the app. Because of this, many subscribers of SMOSH are curious about what happened to the star.

According to different sources, Anthony Padilla is yet to marry someone. He is not in a marriage, but he is confirmed to be dating a lucky woman.

His current girlfriend is fellow YouTuber Mykie. The two started seeing each other in 2019.

Lauren Mychal Mountain’s Biography

Lauren Mychal Mountain, or Mykie in short, is the partner of Anthony Padilla. Many fans believe and hope that she will be Anthony Padilla’s wife in the future.

If she were Anthony Padilla’s wife, Mykie would be a lucky woman because of the success achieved by the YouTuber. But she has reached great heights as a YouTube content creator.

Mykie has a channel that focuses on make-up and face transformations. Her YouTube channel is named Glam&Gore and has achieved more than four million subscribers in 2022.

She started her YouTube journey in 2014 but did not hope to get as big as she is today. Back then, she was still working as a freelance hair and makeup artist.

She came from Philadelphia but moved to live in Los Angeles to focus on her makeup career. The soon-to-be Anthony Padilla’s wife has a background in VFX makeup and art.

She worked on tv shows and film sets as a makeup artist for VFX and non-VFX. One of her first jobs was when she was hired to do makeup for a haunted house theme.

But during her spare time, Mykie would create videos about makeup that she uploaded on her YouTube channel. After a year of uploading, she quickly gained more than seven hundred thousand followers.

This surprised the makeup artist because she did not expect anything from her YouTube channel. She then quit her job as a freelancer and worked on her YouTube career.

Throughout the years, Mykie faced different controversies. In 2015, because of her excellence in makeup, the application Snapchat copied some of her work and made them into filters in the app.

Mykie received no credit for this. She went on to find more artists in the same situation as her and became their advocate to speak up against the social media giant.

Anthony Padilla’s Past Relationships

Because of his utter looks and witty humor, there is no surprise that he had three romantic relationships before meeting Mykie.

Kalel Cullen is his first confirmed girlfriend. Their relationship ran for over a year in 2013 and ended in a very private way in 2014.

Next up is Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. Although their love story would only run for less than a year, it is definite that they still loved each other during those times.

And his very recent ex-girlfriend is a woman named Miel Bredouw. It was 2015 when they first met, and it lasted for almost five years before it arrived at a sudden breakup in 2019.

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