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Anthony Davis is Married to Wife: Marlen Davis. Kids.

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Image of Anthony Davis an American Professional Basketball Player for LA Lakers

Anthony Davis is a preeminent American professional basketball player who has been a power forward and center for the Los Angeles Lakers team of the National Basketball Association (NBA) since he was traded in 2019. He was the first overall pick by the New Orleans Pelicans, his previous team, in the 2012 NBA Draft, where he played from 2012 to 2019.

Interested in the life and marriage of the NBA star Anthony Davis’ wife with him? Check this article!

See more and learn about his dating history and their kids.

Anthony Davis has been married to wife: Marlen Davis, since 2021

Image of Anthony Davis with his wife Marlen Davis
Anthony Davis with his wife, Marlen Davis

The NBA player had already tied the knot to his significant other, Marlen Davis. Though they were first seen publicly in their first red carpet appearance together at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on the 9th day of March 2020, they had been seen on their Instagram accounts since 2017.

They hosted a baby shower for their daughter, and that was where the public knew about their relationship, and it is unclear when they started dating. The couple had been dating for more than four years before the surprising news of their wedding.

They had wedded on the 18th day of September 2021, and Marlen became Anthony Davis’ wife in a wedding ceremony held in Los Angeles, California. He and his wife have been married for several months now and reside in their Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles, California, with their son and daughter.

Marlen Davis’ Biography

Image of Marlen Davis wife of the Lakers Star Forward
Marlen Davis wife of the Lakers Star Forward

Not much is known about Anthony Davis’ wife, not even her birthday. As per sources, she is around the same age as her husband as she was also born in 1993, and she is a native of Los Angeles with Dominican roots.

Despite the fame of Anthony Davis’ wife, she has done a great job in keeping things about her life from the media. Her husband has been respectful of her take on life as he does not share that much about her.

It is unrevealed what she does for a living, but reports say that she is interested in designing and had decorated their Bel Air mansion by herself. As of now, she is most likely to be a great stay-at-home mother of their children.

We did not find a Wikipedia profile about Anthony Davis’ wife, Marlen Davis. Once one is made, we surely will update this article.

Anthony Davis’ Dating History

The Lakers player had publicly dated a couple of women before his relationship with his wife. He had dated NLV Women Running Rebels Dylan Gonzales from March to July of 2013.

She is a known professional basketball player and athlete from Overland Park, Kansas. It is a shame that their relationship was cut short within a few months of dating.

After his affair with Dylan, he then dated Brittney Griner, a famous basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury, back in 2015. After her divorce from fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson, they started dating right after her divorce.

The reasons for his separation from the two women were kept hidden from the media. What is surprising, though, is the NBA player’s cheating allegations.

In November 2020, a now-inactive Instagram tipster shared that he had offered to fly women out to meet him in LA at a hotel, as per Total Pro Sports. She had messaged his wife about the issue; to her dismay, the only response she had was a block from Marlen.

After that, he allegedly unfollowed many women on Instagram. Another incident would be a Sports Gossip report in 2018 where an Atlanta woman gave birth to his child when his daughter, Nala, was born.

Despite the rumors, they have not cleared any of them and have kept their mouths shut regarding the issues; they remain a couple and even married.

Anthony Davis’ Kids  

The basketball player has two kids in total with his wife, Marlen. Anthony Davis’ wife, Marlen, had given birth to their daughter on the 2nd day of November 2017, and they named her Nala Davis.

In an interview with the WNBA in June of 2021, he revealed that they had a son on the way. However, there were no later announcements about their son’s birth and name.

The married couple is yet to reveal and show their baby boy to the public.

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