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Is Andy Woodhull Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Andy Woodhull

Success in comedy is not guaranteed by anyone, but this is not the case with Andy Woodhull. The American man made a career out of saying jokes and writing skits that he performs during his live shows.

His rise to prominence was not handed to him. Mr. Woodhull worked hard for it during the early stages of his career.

He started out as a stand-up comic and performed in local bars and shows. The comic gradually gained a small following which eventually lead to a lot of supporters watching his shows.

In 2012, he was invited to Comedy Central’s The Half Hour where he performed his usual stand-up comedy set. This went viral and the comedian became a star overnight.

In 2015, because of his genius writing and execution, he got invited again for a stand-up comedy show titled The Guest List.

With the busy career of the comedian, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Andy Woodhull’s wife.

Is Andy Woodhull Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Andy Woodhull
Andy Woodhull is a known standup comedian and a music artist

The comedian’s sudden rise to fame may seem unexpected to a lot of people. This brought a lot of attention to him which in return gained him a lot of fans.

With a lot of fans, comes a lot of curiosity. Many people are anxious to know who the comedian is referring to in his skits and who is Andy Woodhull’s wife.

According to sources, the comedian has a partner. But it is unclear whether they have exchanged vows with each other or are still in the dating phase.

In his shows, he talks about step-parenting and being in a relationship. Some might say that the comedian is talking about Andy Woodhull’s wife.

But confirmation about this is yet to come. For now, we will stay alert for any news that may appear about Andy Woodhull’s wife.

Andy Woodhull’s Kids

When we think of comedians, we think of people that are fun and whacky. Some people say that they are not fit to raise children.

Despite what many would think, Andy has a kid that he is taking care of. In his comedy shows, he talks about step-parenting.

Although details about his kid is are not disclosed yet, it is said that Andy Woodhull’s wife takes care of the child. With this in mind, he writes jokes about his experiences of being a parent and presents them at his stand-up comedy shows.

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