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 Andy Haynes is Married to Wife: Rosebud Baker. Kids.

Image of Andy Haynes with his wife, Rosebud Baker

An actor and a stand-up comedian, Andy Haynes was born on July 11, 1982, in the United States. He is known for being part of famous comedy festivals “Just for Laughs” and “Bridgetown.” Before his big break, the 39-year-old comedian started his stand-up career in the 2000s and had his first screen appearance at the Seattle Comedy Documentary in 2010. 

 Andy Haynes was also part of the creative consultant team of the American sports program, the “Crashlettes”, which premiered on the Nickelodeon channel back in 2016. He also wrote for the weekly Snapchat series, “Hot Takes,” starring the ‘comedic millennial icon’ Brandon Wardell.

Is Andy Haynes married? Learn more about his personal life and relationship in the article below.

Andy Haynes has been Married to his wife, Rosebud Baker, since 2020

Image of Andy Haynes with his wife, Rosebud Baker
Andy Haynes with his wife, Rosebud Baker

Andy Haynes’s wife is also a well-known comedian. Rosemary Baker, also known as Rosebud Baker, is an American humorist, actress, and writer, known for making Black comedy and her Satire stories. 

The couple did not further reveal the story of how they met and decided to keep those kinds of details private. The couple got engaged in March 2020, and Rosebud Baker was officially announced as Andy Haynes’s wife in September 2020. 

Andy Haynes’s Past Relationships and Ex-wife

In 2013, the 41-year-old American comedian, Alice Wetterlund, was known as Andy Haynes’s wife. Alice is a comedian, a podcast host, and an actress known for her role as Carla Walton in the HBO sitcom “Silicon Valley.” Andy and Alice were married for two years until the couple decided to get a divorce in 2015. 

But despite their quick marriage life, Alice Wetterlund revealed in an interview that she and Andy remained good friends up to this date. She jokingly added that she has no regrets about becoming Andy Haynes’s wife, except that they spent $40,000 on their wedding. 

Andy Haynes was also revealed to have dated the American star Stevie Nelson. Stevie was known for various shows such as “Crashlettes” and “Just Shut Up!”. The couple dated each other for some time and then eventually broke up. Stevie Nelson has not yet entered the world of marriage, nor does she have children of her own.

 Rosebud Baker’s Biography

As an actress, Rosebud Baker starred in the American series “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys”. Following her father’s request, Rosebud decided to pursue stand-up comedy. After four years, she made her first appearance on Just for Laughs’s New Faces List. In 2014, she started performing in comedy clubs during open-mic sessions and entertaining people using her humor. 

She is known for making jokes about personal stories and anecdotes, such as her sister’s tragic death from drowning. Rosebud listed Dave Attell, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer as the comedians she took inspiration from while making her jokes and punchlines.  

In 2020, she became a host for the show “Find Your Beach” with her husband, Andy Haynes. She also earned a nomination for Best Comedy/Variety Sketch Series during the Writer’s Guild of America Award after her contribution to the television series “That Damn Michael Che” in 2021. For this year 2022, Rosebud Baker is a host for the All Things Comedy podcast the “Devil’s Advocate.” 

Andy Hayne’s Kids

The couple decided to keep their marriage life lowkey to the public. There is still no news on whether the couple already has a family on their own or not. Rest assured that this article will be updated as soon as possible when the couple introduces their firstborn to the public.

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