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Who is Andrew Santino Wife?

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Images of a famous comedian, andrew Santino

For any binge-watchers of TV shows, they must have come across the comic Andrew Santino. Andrew is a famous comedian and actor in the television industry with many TV appearances with significant roles, including the TV hit series I’m Dying Up Here, The Office, and many more. Know more about the personal life of Andrew Santino and his wife.

Indeed, over the years, this comedian has built a prominent name for himself. Even now, Andrew is working on the TV series Dave, in which he has a significant role.

Apart from his illustrious career, what has had the media talking is this 37-year-old comedian’s marriage. Judging by his interviews, one can say for sure that his comedian from Chicago is a married man. But some doubt if Andrew married a woman because they think he is gay. Also, there have been rumors in the past that have indicated Andrew to be dating other guys.

Is Andrew Santino Married to Wife?

To silence all the doubters who branded Andrew as a gay man, Andrew is officially married to a woman. However, though Andrew confirmed he has a wife, he hasn’t mentioned his wife’s name anywhere on the media.

As much as Andrew loves fooling his dear followers, he surely knows how to keep his married life a secret. This is why the information about Andrew’s wife is a mystery. Perhaps the fear of unnecessary judgments is what is keeping Andrew from revealing his beloved. Or, it could also be that Andrew’s wife does not like the media’s attention that disturbs her private life.

Whatever the reason may be, Andrew does an excellent job keeping his woman a secret despite mentioning his wife in his acts and interviews. However, some of Andrew’s doubters still think that this is just a part of his act or jokes.

Andrew Santino with unidentified woman
The famous comedian, Andrew Santino with a woman, can be of his wife or friend.

Married Life

Though the public may be unaware of Andrew’s spouse’s identity, he has given out bits of information about the couple’s daily life. In an interview, Andrew confirmed that he and his wife became a married couple five years ago. However, there is no source to back this up because despite announcing this, no wedding photos of them or venue information are available.

People asked whether Andrew and his wife quarreled often. To that question, Andrew said that only misunderstandings would lead them to conflicting.

Hence, we can say that Andrew is happy with his wife and is currently living together in Los Angeles, California.

Before Marriage

In an interview with Whitney Cummings on her Good For You podcast, Andrew revealed pieces of information about what transpired before marrying his loved one. The revelations were, however, very unique. According to Andrew, he and his wife were initially good friends and soon started dating each other because they grew fond of one another.

Despite falling in love with each other, Andrew and his wife had less time to see each other. Both Andrew and his date were busy focusing on their career. At a time like this, marrying his wife seemed entirely out of the blue. Neither Andrew nor his now-wife had any plans nor desire of wedding.

The only reason Andrew and his wife are now married is that Andrew saw something in her that made him think she is the right one. This happened during a counseling session with a therapist while they were dating.

At one instance, Andrew and his wife visited a therapist due to some issue to realize that they both hated the therapist’s vibes. Andrew even joked at that point that their mutual hate on therapists would bond them even more.

Moreover, after having multiple hour-long sessions, all three of them remained silent for few minutes. Suddenly, when people outside the therapist’s office began screaming for some reason, both Andrew and his wife started laughing their hearts out.

They understood that time that they both share the same sense of humor. Also, this was the moment when Andrew realized that his date was a perfect match for him.

Seeing that both had everyday things such as disliking the therapist’s energy and getting each other’s humor, Andrew decided to marry his then-girlfriend.

Gay Rumors

Andrew and gay rumors are like two sides of the coin. Many stories speculated on Andrew’s sexuality. Previously, since Chicago’s comedian remained very quiet about his past and present relationships, most people suggested he is hiding that he was gay.

Furthermore, there are many images online of Andrew being with men that supported these rumors. One such instance is a photo of his relationship with fellow comedian and close friend Chris D’Elia. Many construed this picture as intimate gays relation between them. However, this rumor of Andrew and Chris was nothing but fake news as Chris married Emily Montague.

Andrew Santino with his friend Chris D Elia
Comedian Andrew Santino and his past rumored boyfriend, Chris D Elia.

Similarly, Andrew generated some controversies when he posted a picture of him and Lil Dicky bathing in a tub naked. Moreover, what we cannot ignore is that Andrew legitimately kissed a guy on live television.

Andrew went on to The Joe Rogan Experience to address these rumors. Instead, Andrew said that he enjoyed the word of him being gay. After that, Andrew opened on how he went to mock the situation in his social account.

So far, Andrew only appears as gay to prank the fans though it looks too real not to believe. However, as of now, Andrew is happily married to his unidentified wife.

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