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Anderson .Paak Wife Jae Lin and Kids

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Images of an American rapper, Anderson .Paak

Brandon Paak Anderson, famous as Anderson .Paak, is an American rapper, songwriter, and drummer who was having the best time of his life before the Covid19 pandemic. Joining forces with some of the best singers out there, Anderson has genuinely been one of the most recognized singers of all time. Get to know more about Anderson.Paak and his wife in this article.

Born on 8th February 1986, this California singer has so many exciting stories, from a rough childhood to achieving success in life. But during these instances, fans cannot overlook the immense support he gets from his wife.

It is no doubt that the 35-year-old is a married man, and just like his life, his marriage is a successful one.

Who is Anderson .Paak’s Wife?

It seems that Paak was meant to have ties with Korean culture forever. During his childhood, Anderson lived with his Korean grandparents, and now, he is married to a woman of Korean nationality. Fans of this rising singer are aware that he has tied the knot with Jae Lin. Many may also refer to her as Jaylyn Chang.

Jae Lin comes from South Korea and is gifted with a beautiful voice. Much like her husband, Jae Lin also loves singing and pursued this career in her early stages. At present also, Jae Lin seems to be singing as a gospel singer for Urban Pilgrim Church, which has 1.22k subscribers on YouTube. Moreover, Jae Lin is also one of the famous Korean singers, Taeyeon.

The interesting thing is that Jae Lin is Anderson’s second wife as he previously married a woman when he was only 21. Regardless, Jae Lin is all that matters to Anderson at the moment. Currently, Anderson resides with his wife, Jae Lin, on the southern rim of San Fernando Valley, California.

Jae Lin smiling with her husband, Anderson
An American rapper, Anderson, and his wife, Jae Lin.

First Meeting

The first time Paak and Jae Lin met was during musical classes. Paak, a recently divorced man, was teaching music at Los Angeles’s Musical Institute. Before having a marital relationship, Paak and Jae had a teacher-student relation as Jae Lin was Paak’s student.

It is safe to say that Jae Lin’s striking looks and beauty shocked Paak and made him fell in love with her. There is not much detail in Paak’s relationship with Jae Lin. However, Paak and his wife revealed in an interview that in November 2010, Jae Lin and Paak were expecting their first child. This shocking moment led the two to agree to marry each other as they felt that it was the right thing to do. This is why Paak married Jae Lin without the need to propose.

Married Life

In 2011, Anderson .Paak and his wife, Jae Lin finally married, although neither venue nor photos are made public. But Paak’s wife said they wedded secretly at California’s label services center office, which also handled immigration.

Anderson .Paak and his wife have seen a lot of ups and lowest of downs in their marriage. At the time, Andrew had quit teaching music because he could not earn more to feed his wife and son. This led Paak to work in Santa Barbara’s marijuana farm, where he could make $3000 a week only. Unfortunately, the farm owner kicked Paak out just after his marriage. This resulted in him and his family being homeless.

During times like this, Paak mentioned that his wife supported him throughout the hardship. Moreover, Jae Lin was the one with the balls to stay strong and look for the family. Thankfully, Paak met Shafiq Husayn, who helped Paal take his musical career to the heights that he sees today. Finally, Paak and his wife saw some stability in their life.

Anderson .Paak Kids

We know that Anderson .Paak and his wife conceived a son before officially being married. His first son is Soul Rasheed, and he sees the limelight from a young age. The media was quick to recognize a black Asian child walking by Paak’s side with swag. Moreover, Soul made his first appearance in his father’s music video of the song TINTS.

At ten years of age, Soul has everything fulfilled by his father, who himself didn’t have even an ounce of what Soul has. Regardless, Paak parents Soul Rasheed very well. He not only gifts him luxurious gifts but also explains to him the value of life. Paak wants his family to be bilingual and encourages his son to learn the Korean language. Unlike Paak, Soul is very fluent in Korean and often translates Korean-English to his father.

Anderson .Paak looking happy with his wife and son
Anderson.Paak and his son, Soul Rasheed, and his wife, Jae Lin.

While speaking on the Fun with Dumb podcast, Anderson .Paak was open about his son. He said that he learns very much from his Soul. Similarly, Soul is a die-hard K-pop fan and urges his father to collaborate with them as well. Paak also mentioned that Soul thinks that having dinner with budding artists like Dr. Dre, Bruno Mars, Marshmallow, etc., is normal. Additionally, Soul often criticizes his father’s music and is very hard to impress.

Similarly, the Paak family introduced a new member in their family in September 2017. Paak and the family have kept their second child’s identity a secret.

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