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Alpha M is Married to Wife: Tracey Woodard.

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Image of Alpha M, or also known as Aaron Marino, with his wife, Tracey Woodard

Alpha m. Aaron Marino, commonly known as Alpha M, is a successful businessman and fashion and fitness icon; aside from his successful YouTube channel and men’s coaching organization, he also has his skincare, hair care, and eyewear lines. An increasing number of men are turning to the Alpha M YouTube channel for grooming and styling guidance from Aaron Marino.

Image Consultancy Agency is a men’s image consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia, he founded. He was born in Georgia, United States. On the 19th of May 1976.

Check this article about the successful businessman Alpha M’s wife, Tracey Woodard, their marriage, and kids. Read this article to learn more.

Alpha M has been Married to Wife, Tracey Woodard, since 2007

Image of Alpha M, or also known as Aaron Marino, with his wife, Tracey Woodard
Aaron Marino, with his wife, Tracey Woodard

Since 2002, Alpha M and Tracey Woodard had been dating, and in 2007 they tied the knot. Alpha M’s wife married in her 30s after dating for a few years.

Furthermore, for the first time, he discussed his wife in an interview in 2017. Alpha M said that his wife is a quiet person who prefers to keep her life out of the public eye.

The successful businessman respects her wishes and keeps her out of the frame, aware of her desires. Alpha M’s wife appears in the icon’s YouTube videos, but her voice is all the audience can hear.

Nobody had speculated about the couple’s split before now. With each passing year, the Mexican Actor and his wife Stephanie are closer than ever.

Tracey Woodard’s Biography

More than 6 million subscribers to Alpha M’s YouTube channel, making him something of a global superstar on the internet. On the other hand, Tracey Woodard is totally out of the public eye.

While this may be the case, it turns out that she already has a successful and rewarding career. A native of Georgia in the United States, Alpha M’ Wife was born on January 22nd, 1976.

At 45, Tracey is a few months older than Aaron, a year older than her. She completed both her high school education and her college degree.

After graduating from college, Tracey pursued a career in marketing, working for well-known companies. At Contour Engineering in 2009, Alpha M’ Wife was promoted to marketing manager.

In the years that have passed, she’s worked as a Marketing Coordinator and a Business Development specialist. The year was 2015, and Tracey was hired as the Director of Corporate Marketing at Nova Engineering and Environmental, LLC.

Alpha M’ Wife is still employed there. Because of this, no one can tell what she was doing before 2009 just by looking at her professional biography. On the other hand, Aaron claims that Tracey, her spouse, was a well-known figure long before that.

As a result, Alpha M’ Wife purchased her own home at 27.

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