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Is Allen Iverson Still Married to a Wife? Kids.

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Image of Allen Iversion with his sons

Allen Iverson is one of the most well-known basketball players of the early 2000s. He achieved success after his fantastic ball-handling abilities and efficient scoring.

The basketball star played for multiple teams in the NBA, but his most notable was with the Philadelphia 76ers. He got the nickname “The Answer” after bringing them to the NBA finals.

With the busy career of the basketball player, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife, married life, and kids of Allen Iverson.

Is Allen Iverson Still Married to a Wife?

Image of Allen Iverson with his previous partner, Tawanna Turner

Allen Iverson with his previous partner, Tawanna Turner

The answer had a prosperous and celebrated career. Behind his success was the source of his strength, his other half.

Allen Iverson was previously married to Tawanna Turner. Although it ended with a divorce, the two enjoyed a fruitful relationship.

They were high school sweethearts. Iverson was an excellent athlete, while Allen Iverson’s wife, Tawanna, was focused on her studies and academics.

After a lengthy girlfriend-boyfriend stage, the two tied the knot in 2001. They immediately started their own family and welcomed their first child a year after marriage.

But a few years later, in their marriage, problems started to come. According to rumors, the basketball star once forced out Turner of their home because of a quarrel between the two.

It is said that the bond between the two started getting toxic and that the famous athlete was accumulating large debt. Allen Iverson’s wife could not handle it anymore and filed for divorce in 2009.

Although the two fought a lengthy legal battle, they were seen together sometime in 2014. Also, at A.I. hall of fame induction speech, he thanked his then ex-wife for all the support she gave him.

It is unclear the relationship between the two and if they are back together as a couple.

Who is Allen Iverson’s Ex-wife Tawanna Turner?

Tawanna Turner is the ex-wife of Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson’s wife went to Bethel High School in Virginia and finished college at the University of Hampton.

Despite her life being in the spotlight with his ex-husband, the lovely woman has retained her private life. Because of this, information about her is limited.

We will update this once details about Allen Iverson’s ex-wife are revealed.

Allen Iverson’s Kids                                                         

Image of Allen Iverson with his former wife, Tawanna Turner, and their kids

Allen Iverson with his former wife, Tawanna Turner, and their kids

Although the ex-lovers went separate ways, one thing still keeps their bond together. The ex-couple has made a family of their own.

Allen and Tawanna are parents to 5 kids. They started their family after they got married.

Their firstborn is the beautiful woman Tiaura Iverson. She was born on December 15, 1995, and is now 27.

Like her father, Tiaura is also famous. She is an online celebrity with over 70k followers on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Following her is their first-born son Allen Iverson II. He was born in December 1998. He follows in his father’s footsteps as he pursues his dream of becoming an NBA star.

Their third child is a handsome boy named Isiah Rahsaan Iverson. He was born on August 9, 2003, and is now 18 years old.

He is the ex-lovebirds’ youngest son. Although his family is accustomed to the spotlight, he tries to live a lowkey life alongside his closest friends.

Their fourth child is Messiah Iverson. She was born on August 16, 2005, after the basketball player’s beliefs.

In 2010, Messiah suffered from Kawasaki Disease, wherein her blood vessels inflamed. Fortunately, the young lady survived and is now doing well.

Despite the rough experiences that the ex-couple faced, their children remain well and fine. Their youngest kid is Dream Alijah Iverson. She was born on October 7, 2008.

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