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Alex Roe is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Monica Noonan

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Image of Alex Roe

Alexander Michael Roe Brown, or Alex Roe as he is prominently called, is a prime actor who originated from London. The public firstly saw the British star in 2000 as a child actor who starred in different TV commercials and the horror movie called The Calling.

Since then, his career reached its prime as he played different leading roles in the big screen and small screen projects such as The Fugitives (2005) and Siren (2018). He also appeared as a supporting character, including Hunter Strawberry in Hot Summer Nights (2017) and Liam Page in the 2018 movie, Forever My Girl.

The 31-year-old actor is yet to have a nomination or award for his acting contributions. Enough with the brief records of his career, and let us discuss the personal life of this astounding star as we tackle different information about his girlfriend and their relationship in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Keep reading to know more about Alex Roe’s wife, relationship, and current dating status.

Alex Roe is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Monica Noonan

Image of Alex Roe
Alex Roe is a British actor. He is best known for playing Jay Keaton in the series The Fugitives

Even though he had a fair share of time being in the center of the limelight, the TV star has shared very few details about his personal life, but he still managed to show off his girlfriend, Monica Noonan, to his fans. The couple was first seen together in 2014 when they attended a concert.

Since then, the public has kept an eye on them. Could she be Alex Roe’s wife in the future?

The star rarely posts his non-celebrity partner, but they share a harmonious relationship, as no negative rumors are circulating about them. In 2019, their fans shared speculations on the internet that the pair is allegedly engaged already, but there are no supporting details about it. Even the long-term partners did not confirm it.

Monica Noonan’s Short Biography

The loving and faithful partner of the Hollywood celebrity is none other than Monica Noonan. Like her famous birthday, Noonan is also keen on keeping her records away from the media and the internet’s radar.

However, it is known that she works as a production designer in minor films, being the 2017 Netflix movie, Wonder her most significant project. Alex Roe’s wife in the future, Noonan, is also fond of photography and editing, as she submitted an entry to Siren Contest, where she won and got the chance for her pictures to be shown on the series Siren.

Specific details about her birthday, age, parents, and locality are not publicly disclosed, but we will immediately update this page once we get reliable sources and information about her.

Alex Roe’s Past Relationships

Living in front of the camera has been the lifestyle of our subject celebrity, but he managed to keep his previous relationships to himself and his closest friends. For that reason, he has not announced any past romantic records with other people and co-celebrities.

Alex Roe’s Rumors

Aside from the engagement allegations, the actor has also been linked with his past leading ladies. Still, he debunked these theories, saying he maintains a professional relationship with them and deeper interactions are out of the table.

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