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Alex Harvill is Married to Wife: Jessica Harvill. Kids: Willis, Watson Robert Harvill

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Image of Alex and Jessica Harvill with their son, Willis Harvill

Alex Harvill is a daredevil that defied the odds of what humans are capable of doing. Unlike many of us, he did not let fear and anxiety rob him from experiencing what it feels like to live.

He is a remarkable motorcycle stunt performer revered by many bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts. His raw talent and skill would even allow him to set a Guinness World Record for having the lengthiest dirt-to-dirt motorcycle stunt jump through a ramp.

The sportsman started his love for bikes when he was just a little boy. At the age of four, Alex was believed to be an avid fan of the two-wheeled vehicle.

This love and passion would later bring him to the glory and affection he enjoyed throughout his life. Unfortunately, for him and many of us, the same sport that he loved doing, which made him successful, is the same thing that would take his life.

What was the romantic lifelike of the late daredevil and motorbike fan Alex Harvill? Who is Alex Harvill’s wife?

We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Alex Harvill has been Married to his wife, Jessica Harvill, since 2019

Image of Alex Harvill with his wife, Jessica Harvill
Alex Harvill with his wife, Jessica Harvill

It is a treasure to be married to one of the closest people, especially your best friend. People would also often say that the most vital relationship comes to those that experience the feeling of friends.

This is the exact story of how Alex and Jessica knew that they were for each other. The couple grew up and spent a lot of time together and learned many things in each personal life before even dating.

They started dating way back in 2013 and had known each other way longer. Some people would often rush things into marriage and find out that it does not work for them.

Fortunately for these two, they know that love takes time, so Alex Harvill’s wife decided to be wedded on the 1st of September 2019, 6 years after becoming a couple.

Alex Harvill Past/Previous Relationships and Ex-Wife

Even with all the honor and recognition that the athlete had in his life, he had not been very vocal about his past relationships. However, sources believe that because of the unbreakable and long-lasting bond that the motorcycle rider and his wife had, it might be possible that she was the first and only romantic partner that Mr. Harvill had.

Jessica Harvill’s Biography

Little is known about the life of Jessica Harvill, Alex Harvill’s wife. She and her late husband are not very vocal and open when it comes to their personal lives. But, it is known that she knew the performer way before he even got the fame and the success that he had enjoyed later in his life.

Alex Harvill’s Kids

Image of Alex and Jessica Harvill with their son, Willis Harvill
Alex and Jessica Harvill with their son, Willis Harvill

It is sad that the couple’s kids would grow up without their father being physically present because of the tragedy. However, it is not a reason for us, especially the children, to let their lives stop because of a tragic event.

Alex Harvill’s wife, Jessica, and her husband’s eldest son Willis have shown interest in the same sport that his father was involved in. Reports stated that at the young age of 6, he wanted to be with an amazing father at all times.

On the other hand, The couple had just given birth to their youngest son, named Watson, just a month before the accident that took away the stunt actor’s life. We all hope that the incident won’t hinder the dreams and aspirations of these kids from following the same path that their dad takes.

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