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Is Alejandro Fernandez Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Alejandro Fernandez

Mexican airwaves are filled with soothing music and masterpieces created by great musicians, one of them being Alejandro Fernandez. With more than 20 million sales, he is one of the greatest artists of his generation of Mexican singers.

His career was decorated with multiple awards. Fernandez received his star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside his two Latin Grammy Awards.

The singer has made a lot of hits throughout his career, but who is his inspiration for them? Read more to know about Alejandro Fernandez’s relationship status.

Is Alejandro Fernandez Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Alejandro Fernandez

Alejandro Fernandez is a well-known Mexican singer. He is also known as the son of the Mexican singer Vicente Fernández.

With charming eyes and heavenly voices, the singer has graced us with timeless hits and catchy songs. With that being said, many fans, Mexicans and non-Mexicans, are curious about Alejandro’s relationship status.

According to credible sources, Alejandro Fernandez is currently without a partner. Although we previously knew who Alejandro Fernandez’s wife was, there is now information about his current relationship.

Alejandro Fernandez’s Past Relationships

Image of Alejandro Fernandez with his ex-partner, America Guinart

Alejandro Fernandez with his ex-partner, America Guinart

The Mexican made a lot of hit songs that stayed with his people’s hearts. Like his songs, Alejandro also was admired by a lot of people, including his past relationships.

Although he may seem like a player, there was once a woman who was Alejandro Fernandez’s wife. He tied the knot with America Guinart sometime in the 1990s.

Their relationship fruited three lovely kids. But their love for each other did not save their relationship.

After years of being together, the couple filed for divorce and decided to split for good. After his time with Ms. Guinart, the singer met another woman who would become Alejandro Fernandez’s wife.

He was married to Ximena Diaz. They say that it was only fitting that he married a model because of his status.

But unfortunately, Fernandez divorced again for the second time. The ex-couple had two kids together.

By the 2010s, rumors spread about him being in a relationship again—this time with Eiza Gonzalez.

After her, the heartthrob singer dated Ayari Anaya until 2011. He also was in a short relationship with Gabriela Ramirez.

Alejandro Fernandez’s Kids

Being a visionary is one of the traits of the Mexican singer. He once envisioned that he would have a happy and prominent family in his lifetime.

Fernandez achieved this with his five children with two wives. His first partner is the mother of his first born, Alejandro Jr., and his daughters, America and Camila, are twins.

With his second wife, the Mexican star produced two kids: Emiliano and Valentina. After them, reports say that the celebrity had undergone a vasectomy.

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