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Alan Ritchson is Married to Wife: Catherine Ritchson. Kids.

Image of Alan Ritchson with his wife, Catherine Ritchson

You might be familiar with Alan Ritchson, Gloss from District 1, if you have seen the movie adaptation of the book “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in 2013. With his physique, Alan Ritchson modeled for several companies and brands, including Abercrombie and Fitch. He is pursuing his acting career and has done several of them. 

Another movie Ritchson has done was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2014, where he played Raphael. Before he starred in the following films, Alan Ritchson had lived an everyday life with a high school teacher for a mother, Vickie Ritchson, and his father, David Ritchson, a retired US Air Force Chief. 

As a child, he had a difficult time because his family had to move to different places as his father’s work required him to relocate. He is the middle child between his two brothers, Brian and Eric. He was born on November 28, 1982, in North Dakota, but his family had to live in Illinois at Rantoul before settling in Florida.

The actor had built a good reputation in the acting series, and the matters of his personal life seemed to be going smoothly. Alan Ritchson is known to have married his wife for fifteen years and had avoided controversies regarding his dating life throughout his career. 

Is Alan Ritchson Married to Wife? We will find out about his personal life, marriage, kids, and acting career in the article below. 

Alan Ritchson has been Married to Wife, Catherine Ritchson, since 2006

Image of Alan Ritchson with his wife, Catherine Ritchson
Alan Ritchson with his wife, Catherine Ritchson

Alan Ritchson’s wife, Catherine Ritchson, is a non-media personality, but she had previously worked in the acting industry as a producer and writer. Unfortunately, details about their romance are kept within themselves, but it is known that they married in 2006.

Alan Ritchson’s wife had been with him throughout his career. Although we do not know how and when this couple met, it is sure that Catherine has always been with Alan through the ups and downs as she accompanied her husband in the premiere of his show, the Reacher, at the Amazon Prime show last February 2, 2022.

Catherine Ritchson’s Biography

Alan Ritchson’s wife is an American writer and producer. Alan Ritchson’s wife graduated from the University of Florida, earning a degree in finance. Currently, she works for International Creative Management as its financial analyst. 

Despite the struggle with sobriety, Catherine is very open about it to the public and has managed to stay sober since 2018. Regardless of that, the two are incredible parents to their three sons.

Information about Alan Ritchson’s wife is limited to her career and family life with Alan Ritchson, but we have no further details about her age and family background.

Alan Ritchson’s Kids

Image of Alan Ritchson with his wife, Catherine Ritchson, and their kids
Alan Ritchson with his wife, Catherine Ritchson, and their kids

Three cute blonde boys resulted from Alan Ritchson and Catherine Ritchson’s happy marriage. We cannot fail to see how much their children Calem Ritchson, Edan Ritchson,  and Amory Ritchson take over their parent’s features, with three blonde sons, the blonde couple had quite a family. 

We do not know whether the Ritchson couple’s children will take after their father’s acting career, but we will not be surprised as their parents are involved in the industry. There will be no doubt about it when the Ritchson couple supports their children, whenever they aspire to become actors someday, but for now, let us adore their cute family pictures posted on their Instagram account.

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