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Is Adrien Broner is Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Adrien Broner

It is said that the current state of boxing is very challenging because of athletes equipped with skills that were not seen before; one of them is Adrien Broner. With a record of thirty-four wins and four losses, Broner is a professional boxer from the United States of America.

Having fought numerous bouts and encountered a lot of failures, does the boxer have spare time to have a relationship? The answer to that is found in this article, so continue reading about Adrien Broner.

Is Adrien Broner Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Adrien Broner
Adrien Broner is a well-known American professional boxer.

Being one of the most notorious in the industry of boxing is not an easy task. The pound-for-pound boxer receives a lot of backlash because of his antics inside and outside the ring.

Due to his infamous status, a lot of people want to know what his relationship status is and who is Adrien Broner’s wife. But unfortunately, the boxer currently does not have a wife.

According to reports, Mr. Broner is single. But there are rumors that he is dating a girlfriend.

This statement is yet to be confirmed by the star athlete. We will wait for further announcements about his relationship status or Adrien Broner’s wife.

Adrien Broner’s Past Relationships

Image of Adrien Broner with his ex-partner, Arie Nicole, and their son
Adrien Broner with his ex-partner, Arie Nicole, and their son

The professional boxer has achieved a bad boy status in boxing. Some might say this is an easy way to be liked by women.

This statement is made true by the world champion boxer as he has been with different women in the past. But there is one relationship that was confirmed.

Adrien was previously engaged with Arie Nicole. The two spent a lengthy period with each other.

Despite being famous, details about how their relationship started were not specified by the athlete. Although it is well known that the ex-couple got engaged.

In November of 2015, using a 6-carat diamond ring, Adrien asked for Arie’s hand for marriage. The lovely woman agreed and was expected to be Adrien Broner’s wife.

But the same year, news about the two spread among the boxing industry. The power couple decided to split up despite being ready for marriage.

Who is Arie Nicole?

Arie Nicole is the boxer’s previous partner. People anticipated that she would be Adrien Broner’s wife.

Although she has been in the spotlight for a while, only a little is known about her. With over 3000 followers on Instagram, Nicole has endorsed her businesses on the social media platform.

Besides being an influencer online, the lovely woman is also a mother of three beautiful kids.

Adrien Broner’s Kids

Image of Adrien Broner and Arie Nicole's kids
Adrien Broner and Arie Nicole’s kids

The ex-couple did not end up getting married, but there is still something that holds them together, their kids. Arie and Adrien are blessed with a total of three children during their time together.

Ultimately, the couple decided to give their children a private life. They wanted the kids to stay away from controversies as they grew up.

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