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Who is Adrian Grenier Wife? Gay Rumors

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American actor, Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier recently moved to California with his girlfriend. The American actor has previously featured in HBO’s Entourage. He was also on the cover of Austin Life Magazine in the June edition. Fans are questioning why the actor left Hollywood and moved to Texas. Furthermore, Adrian is making the news quite often thanks to his many affair controversies and gay rumors. The actor is a topic of discussion in many forums.

This article discusses the love life, marriage, gay rumors, and current relationship status of Adrian Grenier. Get to know if Adrian Grenier has a wife.

Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele

The buzz began around 2017 when Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele were seen in Sydney. Since then, the duo has been spotted multiple times. Even though it’s evident that the pair is pretty close, we haven’t seen any signs of love in the celebs’ Instagram and other handles. However, Adrian has tagged the lady several times in his posts. Fans also photographed Grenier and Roemmele in January 2018. Moreover, they went on a lunch date in Brooklyn. The proximity between the duo hints at a strong relation.

Recently in 2021, the actor moved to California. Also, in a recent interview, Adrian told his fans that he was in peace and doing well in life. According to the actor, he has many friends in Austin and owns a business in the town. Adrian further mentioned that one does not need to share his success with the public.

Moreover, we have information that the couple recently bought a home in the outskirts of California. They have been together for four years now. So, are they planning to take the relationship further? We can only wait. As of now, there are no rumors of engagement or marriage.

American actor, Adrian Grenier spotted leans in for kiss with girlfriend Jordan Roemmele
American actor, Adrian Grenier spotted leans in for a kiss with girlfriend Jordan Roemmele during a romantic working lunch.

Adrian Grenier Gay Rumors

Adrian Grenier has dated many gorgeous women in the past. Some would even say the guy was really lucky in terms of relationship chain. However, singer Azelia Banks accused the actor of being Gay. She told her followers that Adrian is hiding his sexuality. It is still unverified whether the accusation is true. Adrian also hasn’t made any comments regarding the matter.

Last year in May 2020, Azelia Banks made some strange confession to her Instagram followers. In a series of Insta stories, she talked about the actor Adrian Grenier’s sexuality. According to her, Adrian is a homosexual and is concealing his interests.

Other Rumors

Adrian Grenier is in highlight since recently moving in with his partner. Even though the actor is not married, he has dated many gorgeous women in the past. Fans tie Adrian with names like Emily Caldwell, Ashley Green, Paris Hilton, and many more. With all the relationships and gay rumors happening spontaneously, it’s hard for a celeb to stay out of the news. The actor is on Instagram as @adriangrenier and has 667k followers as of July 2021.

Quick Information

Full name: Adrian Sean Grenier

Profession: Actor

Marriage Status: Not Married

Girlfriend: Jordan Roemmele

Age: 46

Birth Date: 1976 July 10

Net worth:$10 Million

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