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Is Adam Taggart Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Adam Taggart

An excellent forward with a striking power like no other Australian is the young football sensation, Adam Taggart. At age 29, Taggart achieved a lot of success on the pitch with his playing experience worldwide.

Adam Jake Taggart was born on the 2nd of June in 1993. His youth was primarily spent in Perth, Western Australia, playing and honing his skills in football.

Because of his prodigious status in his early playing career, he landed a spot in the  Australia national U20 team, where he showed his prowess to the world. With 16 goals in a season, he was awarded the Nike A-League Golden Boot Award in 2013, which allowed him to shine not only in Australia but also in other countries. 

Scouts in Japan saw what Adam could bring to a team. For this reason, he was acquired by the Cerezo Osaka in December 2020 to play in Japan. 

The football star has made a lot of highlights in his career, but does he have a partner to share his victories with? Continue reading as we share more details about Adam Taggart’s wife and his relationship status in this article.

Is Adam Taggart Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Adam Taggart
Adam Taggart is an Australian footballer who plays for Cerezo Osaka in Japan’s J1 League.

With Adam on your team, you can ensure that goals are coming because of his superb ball-handling and striking ability. With this in mind, fans are curious if the football player has someone in his heart, Adam Taggart’s wife.

According to trusted sources, Adam Taggart does not commit to anyone in romantic relationships. In addition, there are no known past relationships with which the athlete has been involved.

Although he does not have a relationship, fans are eager to know who will be Adam Taggart’s wife. We will also be on high alert to know the current happenings with the striker’s love life.

Be sure to check this article again in the future to find out who is Adam Taggart’s wife.

Adam Taggart’s Controversy

During the 2018 football season, controversies struck the football player’s career as he was sent off to another team after spending years with Perth Glory. The issue was then escalated by the Perth Glory management as they told the media that they felt betrayed and blindsided by the move.

Also, the football club showed dismay with the player when they told sports reporters about the truth behind Adam’s contract. They said that they tried to retain his services by paying him a huge sum of money.

But the star athlete decided to part ways with the team to play with the world-renowned club. This event made a lot of home fans feel disappointed with Taggart.

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